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Stephen Herrero Sculptures, Statues, Figurines

As a founder of Mill Creek Studios, Stephen Herrero′s enthusiastic devotion to wildlife is readily evident in his true mastery of the subject matter. His ability to seemingly capture within his sculpture the hearts and souls of wild and wonderful creatures is an amazing talent which few possess. Texas born Herrero has been sculpting for more than 30 years and is now one of today′s most sought after and collected artists. You can experience his passion for wildlife firsthand by owning one of his phenomenal sculptures. Many are available in both collectible limited edition and affordable open edition formats.
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Aerie Eagle Statue

Price: $54.00
August Moose Sculpture

Price: $110.00
Bad Lands Buffalo Statue

Price: $54.00
Bruin Bear Statue

Price: $54.00
Catamount Cougar Statue

Price: $54.00
Clarion Elk Sculpture

Price: $130.00
El Patron Buffalo Statue

Price: $135.00
Fortitude Ram-Medium

Price: $170.00
Free Reign Eagle Statue

Price: $160.00
Kindred, Statue of Wolves

Price: $195.00
Liberty Eagle Sculpture

Price: $319.00
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