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Starlite Originals Artists

Christopher Pardell

Christopher Pardell, one of the first artists to join the Starlite Family, began sculpting at the tender age of four, and cites his family as one of his first major influences. By his teenage years, Pardell had come to the realization that sculpting was to become his life's work. Influenced by the work of renowned sculptors Russell, Remington and Rodin, Pardell wanted to pursue his passion for realism. His formal education was laid aside in favor of an apprentice mold maker position with a commercial statuary ... more

Kitty Cantrell

Award-winning artist and environmentalist Kitty Cantrell is known for her striking sculptures of North American wildlife. Intricately designed and detailed, her Mixed Media sculptures capture expressions of animals that have never known human touch. When asked what inspired her to start sculpting, Kitty replied, I've done it since I was little. It's the only thing I'm good at...it's what I've done ever since I can remember." Wolves, eagles and humpback whales are a few of the subjects this native
Californian has ... more

Dan Medina

Dan Medina's award-winning artistic genius has proven that he possesses genuine God-given talents. A self-taught illustrator, painter, and sculptor, Dan has earned numerous awards in a variety of acclaimed state competitions, including the prestigious City of Los Angeles Bicentennial Award. Strongly influenced by artists of the Renaissance period, such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, Dan also attributes some of his artistic influence to his close association with artist
Christopher Pardell. ... more

David Lemon

David Lemon, a member of the prestigious American Indian and Cowboy Artists Association (A.I.C.A.), is a mesmerizing storyteller as well as an inspired sculptor. David’s family originally settled in Utah in 1848. Through the stories told by
his father ...more

Thomas Blackshear

A world class illustrator, Thomas Blackshear is best known for his limited edition prints and collectors plates. Now, his extraordinary versatility as a fine artist is exhibited in a third dimension: limited edition sculpture. ...more