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  • Sandicast Dog Statues

Sandicast Statues

Internationally renowned San Diego artist Sandra Brue has been bringing sculptures to life for over 25 years. Her hand cast, hand painted animal replicas have become famous for their stunning realism and incredible attention to detail.

Purebred dogs,cats, wolves and wildlife are all part of her extensive collection. Queen Elizabeth and President Bill Clinton are just a couple of the many celebrities that own Sandicast sculptures.

Although Sandy sold Sandicast in 2005 so she would have more time to devote to her philanthropic endeavors, she continues to create new and wonderful sculptures.

How Sandicast Sculptures are Made

The original Sandicast sculptures are made with an oil-based clay that never hardens. The softness allows Sandra to take her time in recreating the intricate detail of an animal's hair and fur. Only after making many trips to see her current subject, and only when she is finally sure that the sculpture is perfect, will she then begin to put the hairs on the animal. Each individual hair is etched one at a time. Brue doesn't take any shortcuts by using a rake or comb. The hair itself can take days to complete, but the end result is definitely worth it.

The Casting Process

Sandra Brue's clay original is used to make a casting mold. Next, a special cast stone mixture is poured by hand into the mold. While hand-casting is a slow, methodical process, once again, the result is worth the time and effort. The sculpture will be free of flaws and bubbles, and every little detail is captured--whether it be the texture of an ear or a little curled tongue.

Once the casting is done, each Sandicast sculpture must be inspected to make sure that it passes strict, quality control standards. After passing inspection, the sculptures can then be painted. The Sandicast artisans use both bristle and air brush methods of painting. The use of multiple painting techniques requires more time and costs more to produce, but the end result makes it worth the effort. Sandicast creates the highest quality, most realistic, and lifelike sculptures on the market today.

The addition of specially crafted glass eyes is the final touch. The sparkle of glass eyes adds warmth and many are custom made for Sandicast. Often people comment when looking at Sandicast animals, "It feels as if they're staring right back at you!"