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Creator's Messenger- Eagle Sculpture by Kitty Cantrell

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Artist: Kitty Cantrell
Made by Starlite Originals
Limited Edition of 500
(Artist Proofs Available- Contact Us for Details)
Size: 35"L x 18"D x 25"H
Special Order Item: Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery

Long ago, when the earth was new and in harmony, the Ojibwa, who called themselves Anishinabeg, disrespected their surroundings. This angered The Creator who sent a warning that the people would be destroyed. The bald eagle was a close friend of the Anishinabeg. When he heard the news, he volunteered to fly to The Creator's world. This took much courage as he would have to fly close to the sun where he could be destroyed by the heat.

The eagle managed to fly past the sun into The Creator's world. "Who is walking in my world?" said The Creator in a booming voice. The eagle answered "It is I, Mi-ge-zi." "What do you wish?" asked The Creator. "I have come to ask you to consider sending teachers to instruct the Anishinabeg in their old ways of respect and honor, instead of destroying them," said the eagle.

The Creator listened thoughtfully and said "Yes, I will send teachers and they will be called elders. Some will be messengers and some will be teachers who have lived long respectful lives and who know how to live in harmony with all earthly beings. For your strong character and heroic act on behalf of Anishinabeg, from this day forth, everything that is yours will be honored and revered as sacred; your image, your feathers and your claws will be as symbols and messages of connections and communications to my world. From now on, all those who respect and honor you will get special help from me."
Price: $8,550.00

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