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Product ID P8223

Blind Lady Justice Statue- 12 Inch

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Size: 12"H x 6"W x 4"D
Cold Cast Bronze
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Blind Lady Justice Sculpture

This sculpture stands at a foot high and offers exceptional detail and life-like characteristics. Studying the piece, you will notice all the painstaking details added by the artist; intricate scrollwork on her metal corset, the flowing folds of her dress as it naturally drapes over her body, the finely detailed craftsmanship on her sword, and the tiny scales of the evil serpent upon which she stands. An AllSculptures.com top seller, this Blind Lady Justice sculpture is sure to be cherished by anyone in the legal profession.

What Is It Made Of?

A unique cold casting process enables skilled artisans to successfully reproduce a rich-looking bronze sculpture, capturing the likeness and realism of the original by Mayer. Each piece has been precisely cast and hand painted with careful attention to applied patinas, bringing life-like touches to this fine creation.
Price: $87.00

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