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Monkey Sculptures - Monkey Statues - Monkey Figurines

As our closest relatives in the animal kingdom, monkeys are an ongoing source of fascination for us all. The complicated social order of these primates is as loving and caring an environment as one will find in the wild. AllSculptures.com is proud to offer a wonderful selection of ape statues and sculptures, including monkeys, orangutans, chimpanzees and gorillas. These collectibles are expertly cast in a variety of beautiful materials including crystal, estate quality bronze, brass, fine metals, and designer resins. We have everything from tabletop monkey sculptures for the home and office, to gorilla statues for the garden. Please shop around and let us know if we can answer any questions about these, or any of our thousands of other sculptures at AllSculptures.com.
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Baby Chimpanzee

Price $29.00
Bronze Boy with Monkeys and Banana Sculpture

List Price: $4,311.00
Price $3,919.00
Bronze Chimpanzee Statue

Price $2,775.00
Bronze Gorilla Sculpture

List Price: $286.00
Price $260.00
Bronze Gorilla Sculpture, Extra Large

List Price: $13,036.00
Price $11,851.00

Price $122.00
Monkey Clock

List Price: $105.00
Price $77.00
Orangutan Sculpture

Price $57.00
Round Monkey Bowl- Bronze

List Price: $1,176.00
Price $1,069.00