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Stunning hand-crafted porcelain figurines of birds, flowers and more. Beautiful colors and superb quality.
These stunning glass creations will add a sense of playful elegance to your home and garden.
Enameled copper sculptures in a rainbow of dazzling colors and sleek designs. Made in Connecticut.
Beautiful brass fountain sculptures and garden art to enhance your outdoor living space.
Fine Italian Nativity Sets and Traditional Crucifixes for home or institutional use.
Unique contemporary designs for today's modern home.
These fine, handmade ceramic sculptures are crafted in Italy and will transform your room from ordinary to elegant.
Gorgeous crystal figurines made in Maleras, Sweden. Subjects include wildlife, floral and much more!
Specializing in some of the finest affordable wildlife sculptures on the market today.
Exclusive, fine Italian glassware made in Murano Italy. This beautifully handcrafted sculpture and home decor will make an elegant statement in any room.
Expertly crafted, fine porcelain figurines made by Lladro in Valencia, Spain. These beautiful works of art are inspired by life's special moments.
Realistic, handcrafted dog & wildlife sculptures suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Many dog breeds to choose from as well as birds, garden animals & exotic creatures.
A variety of treasures for your home, including exquisite marine life sculptures of fish, dolphins, whales, turtles, mermaids and more.
World famous for stunningly realistic animal replicas, most notably purebred dog sculptures.
Detailed traditional marble castings from the legendary Santini Workshop in Italy.
Beautiful, handcrafted sculpture from some of today's most talented artists, such as Kitty Cantrell, Christopher Pardell, Dan Medina & more.
As one of the leading home decor manufacturers in the US, Uttermost offers a wide range of quality, on-trend modern designs that are both stylish and affordable.
The Vitruvian Collection is inspired by the work of Renaissance master, Leonardo da Vinci, and his study of the human body as both scientific curiosity and artistic inspiration.

These whimsical metal statues will capture your heart
and make you smile! Created in Kentucky by artist Richard Kolb.