Where Can I Sell My Sculptures Online?

The life of an artist is turning a deeply personal, intangible vision into tangible form for others to love. From an artist’s perspective, there is something incredibly special about the ability to share your passion, talent and vision with others in a way that touches them. There is true joy and gratitude in having others appreciate work that originates from your heart and soul. An invisible spiritual bond is created between the artist and the admirer. For the admirer, art can elevate the tone of our environment and provide a beautiful respite from our busy lives.

At the all new eSculpture social shopping platform, it is our purpose to support and nurture the relationship between artist and art lover. We are assembling a global community of amazing 3D artists with the goal of becoming their go-to spot for networking and sales on the internet. Our community forum will allow artists to connect, educate and share with each other across the globe.

eSculpture was created to be a destination, hang-out and shopping site for all things sculpture. We want artists to be able to purchase supplies, open a free online art gallery, and list items to sell in minutes. Art lovers can become fans of their favorite artists as well as purchase art, create collections and research ideas.

We are excited about supporting and showcasing independent artists and making their stories a part of ours. We are looking for the following types of artists to join our new community:
Sculptors – Glass Blowers-Jewelry Designers – Carvers- Home Decor Artists- Ceramicists- Prop and Replica Specialists -Art Suppliers

We encourage a wide variety of themes and styles, including but not limited to:
Traditional, Modern, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Industrial, Kinetic, Realistic, Gothic, Pop Art, and More

While we are the host, this will be your community; another creation to which you can contribute. It will have a life of its own and will be what you as a global community make it! Let’s make it AMAZING!

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