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Wall Sculptures - Metal Wall Art

Add a lovely splash of color to your walls! AllSculptures.com offers stylish, traditional and modern wall sculptures and metal wall art in an array of designs, subjects and materials. Popular wall sculptures include themes of tropical fish, dolphins, marine life, shorebirds, butterflies, dragonflies and tree frogs in a rainbow of shimmering colors to brighten up your walls. Or if your taste is more rustic and you wish to bring a taste of the great outdoors inside, showcase your style with our friendly bears, stampeding horses, majestic eagles, charming songbirds and colorful butterflies in enameled coppers or hand painted alabaster. Many of our wall sculptures are suitable for outdoor and garden use and will be labeled as such.
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Intorno Medallion Wall Plaque

Price: $119.00
Jester Mask Wall Plaque

Price: $69.00
Jester Mask Wall Plaque- Multicolor

Price: $64.00
Key Gothic Archway

Price: $715.00
King Angel Fish

List Price: $79.00
Price: $70.00
King Angelfish with Sea Fan

List Price: $121.00
Price: $110.00
Ladybug on Daisy Wall Sculpture

List Price: $144.00
Price: $125.00
Large Blue Flowers With Dragonfly Wall Sculpture

Price: $425.00
Large Egret with Cattails

List Price: $715.00
Price: $650.00
Large Great Blue Heron with Cattails

List Price: $715.00
Price: $650.00
Large Great Blue Heron With Cattails (Facing Left) Wall Sculpture

Price: $650.00
Large Heron Pair With Copper Sun Wall Sculpture

Price: $650.00
Large Maple Tree With Enameled Autumn Leaves Wall Sculpture

Price: $1,550.00
Leaf and Sunface Wall Hanging

List Price: $150.00
Price: $110.00
Lighthouse Wall Plaque

Price: $47.00
Lion and Dolphin Bronze Wall Fountain

List Price: $9,381.00
Price: $7,497.00
Little Lovebirds on Branch Wall Plaque

List Price: $144.00
Price: $115.00
Lobster Wall Sculpture

List Price: $193.00
Price: $175.00
Look Out Owl- Iron and Crystal Sculpture

Price: $11,999.00
Looking At You Wall Sculpture

Price: $172.50
Looking Up Wall Sculpture

Price: $172.50
Looking Where I've Been Wall Sculpture

Price: $172.50
Loon (Large) With Chicks And Lily Pads Wall Sculpture

Price: $225.00
Loon Wall Sculpture

List Price: $127.00
Price: $115.00
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