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Anubis Egyptian God of the Dead Bust

Price: $74.00
Anubis Egyptian God of the Dead Sculpture

Price: $89.00
Anubis Egyptian God of the Dead Wall Sculpture

Price: $95.00
Anubis Holding Ankh And Was Scepter Statue

Price: $72.00
Anubis Holding Cobra Head Scepter Statue

Price: $72.00
Anubis Mask Wall Plaque

Price: $62.00
Art Deco - Kneeling Egyptian Maidens Decorative Tray

Price: $105.00
Art Deco - Kneeling Egyptian Queen Trinket Box

Price: $34.00
Art Deco Egyptian Dancer Sculpture

Price: $89.00
Art Deco Egyptian Women Carrying A Vase

Price: $119.00
Bastet Egyptian Goddess of Warfare Sculpture

Price: $74.00
Bastet With Panther Statue

Price: $69.00
Bronze Sphinx Empire Planter or Table Base

List Price: $1,379.00
Price: $1,097.00
Bust Of Nefertiti Egyptian Trinket Box

Price: $32.00
Bust of Queen Nefertiti

Price: $58.00
Cleopatra Headdress Mask Wall Plaque

Price: $62.00
Cleopatra on Sphinx Sculpture

Price: $97.00
Cleopatra With Egyptian Harp Sculpture

Price: $84.00
Egyptian Ankh Wall Sculpture

Price: $64.00
Egyptian Bronze Urn

Price: $4,257.00
Egyptian Canopic Jar With Triple Atef Crowned Horus Bust Cover

Price: $94.00
Egyptian Cat Statue

Price: $82.00
Egyptian Dancer Statue- 8.75 Inch

Price: $59.00
Egyptian Gate Sand Timer

Price: $64.00
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