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African Elephant and Baby Sculpture

Price: $138.00
African Herder on Horse- Bronze Statue

Price: $938.00
African Hippo and Baby Sculpture

Price: $109.00
African Warthog Statue

Price: $52.50
African Zebra Sculpture

Price: $89.95
Kudu Skull Wall Plaque

Price: $89.00
Large Safari Giraffe Statue

Price: $74.00
Large Safari Zebra Statue

Price: $74.00
Loving Giraffe Parent and Child Statue

List Price: $225.00
Price: $165.00
Massai Man- by Borowski

Price: $7,007.00
Massai Woman- by Borowski

Price: $7,007.00
Nelson Mandela Bust

Price: $59.95
Ochosi-The Divine Hunter Sculpture

Price: $64.00
Orula Figurine-God Of Wisdom, Destiny And Prophecy

Price: $59.95
Rhino Family Sculpture

Price: $105.00
Safari Elephant Statue

Price: $79.00
Safari Giraffe Statue

Price: $59.00
Safari Lion Statue

Price: $74.00
Safari Rhino Statue

Price: $74.00
Safari Zebra Statue

Price: $59.00
Savanna Giraffe Pair Statue Set

Price: $117.00
Serengeti Elephant Sculpture

Price: $155.00
Serengeti Gazelle Sculpture

Price: $84.50
Snake Charmer Bronze Statue

Price: $419.00