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Montana Silversmiths Statues

By using an exclusive process mastered over many years of experience, Montana Silversmiths is able to create enduring, affordable, gallery quality art. Many of the Montana pieces utilize a blend of fine resins, bronze, pewter and other materials dictated by the complexity of the individual piece. The statue is then finished by hand using fine pigments and patinas. The final result is a beautiful piece perfect for the home or office. Please click on the link below to view the entire selection of western statues by Montana Silversmiths.

Steve Miller

Montana Silversmiths is proud to introduce
a new series by Western sculptor Steve
. Steve has sculpted pieces depicting
western moments that were rare, but
came to personify western life. From
cattle drives to the great Indian nations
of the plains, Steve has captured these
moments in beautiful 3-D form. Each piece
is beautifully cast and hand colored to
capture the most intricate details of the
original. They will be cherished and collected for years to come.
New Introductions

Montana Silversmiths is proud to introduce these new editions, including new styles, as well as new sizes on some old favorites!
This renowned artist
has several of his
most famous paintings
realized in 3D

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