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Mill Creek Studios

opening your world of imagination

Mill Creek Studios is dedicated to bringing beautiful and
affordable wildlife sculptures to those who appreciate
nature and the inherent beauty with which it surrounds us.
The talented artists at Mill Creek Studios lovingly recreate
incredible creatures found in the wild using the finest quality
materials and techniques. The result is an inspired creation
that remains true to nature as well as the artist's vision.

The Imago Collection from Mill Creek
Studios brings a sleek and contemporary
look to many traditional subjects. These
sleek sculptures offer cutting edge designs
at affordable prices. They are a perfect
complement to today’s modern interiors.

Shop the Imago Collection

Stephen Herrero, creating a
future release at his studio
in Redlands, California.

“For Mill Creek Studios, creating art is not
just a business enterprise, but also a journey
into imagination and expression that seeks
to create a dialogue between artist and
viewer; an image someone can take with
them that will at some point evoke memories and emotions that are meaningful.” has thousands
of fine art sculptures perfect for
corporate and retirement gifts

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