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Mill Creek Studios is committed to creating the finest, affordable wildlife sculptures available on the market today. Crafted by artists who are inspired by a genuine love and appreciation for beauty, these uniquely original creations are faithfully reproduced, using the highest quality materials and processes to ensure and preserve that elusive quality of self expression each artist has instilled in his work.

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Stephen Herrero

When I consider the stars, and the finely tuned immensity of the
universe or stand in awe of the exquisite symmetry and beauty
in nature I am overwhelmed by a sense of purpose and design
for which there can be no other cause attributed than that of an
intelligent and loving creator. God communicates to us through
the work of His hands, and as beings created in His own image,
He has given us the ability to communicate abstract ideas and
thoughts through words, music, and the arts. All art, of whatever form, is born out of a need to communicate something, some idea, some emotion, some truth about the reality of the world we live in. In my case, if my work can speak truthfully, and with integrity about subjects I have chosen, and by inference testify of their Creator then I am blessed, privileged and grateful. I believe I speak for all the artists here at Mill Creek Studios that it is our hope that everything we do here enlarges the imagination. As the apostle Paul said, “... whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy - meditate on these things.” Phil 4:8 --Stephen Herrero

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Randall Reading

Raised in the beautiful San Gorgonio mountains of Southern
California, Randall is an artist who has captured the subtle
complexities of the wild animal in stone, giving their primeval
essence tangible form. Each of his pieces exudes a sense of
motion and depth that is both mysteriously dangerous, yet
fascinating in its appeal. If art captures the soul of the artist,
then Randall has fearlessly poured himself into those figures as
few people do. Interestingly, running through each animal depicted by Randall is a fascinating common thread. Each one has miraculously weathered the onslaught of man upon its freedom, its habitat, and its very existence. Relying on courage, cunning and an insatiable instinct for freedom, these magnificent creatures have all gloriously survived.

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Joe Slockbower

"I feel there is a strong relationship between man and nature,
and that man has a responsibility to maintain that balance. Today
our oceans and wilderness are in danger of permanent damage.
Some species are on the brink of extinction. Through my art, I
want people to see the wonderful value of life, the need to save
our wildlife, oceans and forests so our children and future
generations will be able to enjoy clean, clear water, green
forests and the abundance of natural beauty. Hopefully my art
will convey a message without ever having to say a word.
Education is still the best weapon in the fight to protect our wildlife." --Joe Slockbower

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Danny Edwards

An Idaho native, Danny’s sculptures share his profound love of
nature as they capture some of the most beautiful wildlife of the
American Northwest. His sculptures are as much living things as
the subjects they represent. For Danny, his art is a language,
which uses visual forms to communicate the natural themes
within his soul. With such involvement with his “love” it's no
surprise that he is recognized as one of the most provocative
and sensitive western sculptors working today. Above all, his
story-telling ability brings these pieces to life for the viewer.
Every piece Danny sculpts shares his own story, but offers a
profound metaphor of reality for each of us. The pride of owning a Danny Edwards Limited Edition sculpture is a joy to be passed on to family and friends for generations to come.

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Greg Peltzer

Greg comes to us from the beautiful state of Montana. His love
for the outdoors and passion for wildlife work together to inspire
the creativity that lies deep within this talented artist. “Our past
experiences make us what we are today.” For Greg, it's been
a thirty-five year journey of learning and paying his dues to
make him the accomplished artisan he is today. Greg is a
world class sculptor whose abilities know no bounds. His
creations command attention, with attitude and expressions
that hold you in the moment.

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David Morales

Inspired and taught by Mill Creek Studios founder
Stephen Herrero, sculptor David Morales seeks to elicit
an emotional bond between the viewer and the awe
inspiring creatures of the wild that he so admires.
Using his innate artistic talents, David masterfully
combines the necessary elements of sculpture such
as form, texture, balance, and color to achieve his
harmonious designs. His trademark ‘block’ figurines
are wonderful collectibles and make terrific gifts for
wildlife lovers that are sure to be cherished.

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Arich Harrison

"In the pastel strokes across the evening sky or in the elegant
power of a horse, I can see the inherent beauty of nature, and it
speaks to me of creation and design. A lump of clay, if left to the
indiscriminate hand of time, will never take on the form of
something beautiful unless it is molded by the hands of a
designer. In the Bible, Genesis 2:7 tells of God creating all
creatures from elements of the Earth- clay and soil. Curiously,
these are the same materials artists use to create reflections
of Earth's creatures. As Jesus lives, I've been blessed with the
ability to fashion these reflections and I've been given this responsibility to testify to this end. It is my hope that through my work people might be moved toward greater understanding of this deepest truth."-- Arich Harrison
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Lawrence Oliver

With M.C. Escher among his artistic influences,
Lawrence Oliver enjoys the challenge of creating
sculptures that are open to interpretation. He loves
working with symbols to create enigmas or provoke
thought in the mind of the individual viewer. While he
has his own view of what each of his creations
represents, he finds it fulfilling to know that others
may find other possibilities.

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