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Kitty Cantrell Wildlife Sculptures

Kitty Cantrell′s wildlife sculptures, whether they be horses, dolphins, eagles, bears or even tree frogs, capture the spiritual essence of the animal at a single moment in time; a brief suspension of animation in which its soul is captured. Likewise, viewing her sculptures leaves us stilled, like hikers or explorers who round a bend in a mountain pass, coming unexpectedly upon a glorious creature of the wild. We hope you will experience the astounding beauty of a Kitty Cantrell wildlife sculpture for yourself. Many of Kitty′s limited edition sculptures are mixed media creations with clear and colored Lucite encasements. The Lucite is embedded with fine bronze and pewter animals, which are accented by gold vermeil, silver, and copper. If you have questions about any of our items, our knowledgeable service representatives will be happy to assist you.
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A Mother's Calling Polar Bear Sculpture

Price: $950.00
Aquatic Ballet

Price: $340.00
Black Bear Clan

Price: $630.00
Blue Ballet Whale Sculpture

Price: $1,790.00
Breath Of Life- Blue Whale Sculpture

Price: $1,630.00
Bubble Netting Humpback Whale Sculpture

Price: $1,390.00
Clear Waters- Eagle Statue by Kitty Cantrell

Price: $590.00
Creator's Messenger- Eagle Sculpture by Kitty Cantrell

Price: $7,000.00
Devotion Wolf Sculpture- Mixed Media

Price: $590.00
Dolphin Wave Statue

Price: $230.00
Eagle Spirit Sculpture

Price: $630.00

Price: $790.00
Free Spirit- Eagle Sculpture by Kitty Cantrell

Price: $21,990.00
Heart Song- Penguin Sculpture by Kitty Cantrell

Price: $590.00
Humpback Calling- Whale Sculpture

Price: $630.00
Humpback Dance- Whale Sculpture

Price: $590.00
Hunter's Serenade

Price: $470.00
Intrepid Spirit Sea Turtle Sculpture

Price: $1,500.00
Journey Mixed Media Eagle Sculpture

Price: $630.00
Leading The Way- Eagle Sculpture by Kitty Cantrell

Price: $1,100.00
Life Lessons Grizzly Bear Sculpture

Price: $450.00
Love's Journey- Elk

Price: $590.00
Majestic Spirit, Deer

Price: $360.00
Majestic View- Bear and Eagle Sculpture

Price: $1,790.00
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