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Joe Slockbower Sculptures, Statues, Figurines

By focusing on subject matter that is close to his heart, Joe Slockbower is able to instill an intangible quality to his work that would otherwise be impossible to capture. He expresses his enthusiasm for wildlife, marine life, and Native American culture by affectionately creating sculpture imbued with the dignity and fortitude of spirit inherent within each. The emotional pull we feel when gazing upon nature in all its forms is also present when viewing Joe′s heartfelt representations of it; because as he believes, we are one in spirit with all of Earth′s creatures.
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America- Eagle Statue

Price: $57.00
Bear Mountain Grizzly Bear Sculpture

Price: $54.00
Dust and Thunder- Buffalo

Price: $99.95
Endearing Moment- Deer

Price: $89.95
Family Song- Wolf Family

Price: $89.00
Handful- Black Bear

Price: $54.00
Kinship- Double Wolf

Price: $60.00
Leap Of Faith

Price: $84.00
Patriot- Eagle With Flag Statue

Price: $59.95
Silvertip Grizzly Bear Sculpture

Price: $89.95
Smoky Black Bear Sculpture

Price: $89.95
Snow Cone- Polar Bears

Price: $50.00
Splash Down Bald Eagle Sculpture

Price: $67.00
Summit- Ram

Price: $54.00
Totem- Eagle Statue

Price: $65.00
Trail Blazer- Pronghorn

Price: $55.95