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Thread: Chris Pardell works for sale

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    lois Guest

    Default Chris Pardell works for sale

    We are interested in offering a fairly extensive collection of Chris Pardell works to the market and would appreciate any advice anyone could offer on ideas to best go about doing this.

    We have: Resolute from the Gallery Editions collection. Medicine Gift of Manhood from the Annual Collectors Edition collection. Final Charge from the Legendary West Premier Edition collection. The COMPLETE Legacies of the West Premier Edition collection which includes: Mystic Vision, Victorious, Defiant Comanche, No More Forever, Esteemed Warrior, Rebellious, Eminent Crow, and Enduring. White Feather's Vision from the Legendary West collection. The COMPLETE Way of the Warrior collection which includes: Elder Chief, Clan Leader, Medicine Dancer, Tribal Defender, Seeker of Visions, and Rite of Manhood. First Coup from the American West collection. Our Past to Our Future from the Culture Covenant Premier Edition collection. Drum Song from the American Indian Dance Premier Edition collection. We also have the piece Sioux Chief.

    In Addition, we have Willy Whitten's Dream Medicine from the Relics of the Americas collection, Vacant Thunder by David Lemon, and Unconquored Spirit by Barry Austin.

    Any advice (or offers) anyone could offer would be appreciated.

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    ginger Guest

    Default pardell drum song

    hi. what are you asking for drum song

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    jusdreamin Guest


    Do you still have the legends sculptures for sale?

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    jenne Guest

    Default Chris Pardell

    I to have a 8 piece collection of Chris Pardell that I would like to sell.
    1. Rebellious 287-950
    2. Defiant 357-950
    3. Victorious 346-950
    4. Enduring 281-950
    5. Esteemed Warrior 346-950
    6.Eminent Crow 453-950
    7.No More Forever AP- 950
    8.Mystic Vision can't see the numbers under the arm
    I am very motivated to sell these I have all the original boxes and tags on all statues.Call me 770-535-5213 Jenne

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    jenne Guest

    Default Chris Pardell

    Forgot to leave email address bellarides@aol.com.

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    scockrell Guest


    how much do you want for Rebellious?

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    jenne Guest


    Just make me an offer I think 600.00 would be the least. But would like to sell them all.You can call me 770-535-5213 Jenne. I am in real financial trouble and really need to sell them. I was told that the collection was worth about 15 but to take 12 if offered, so much for that so far. I have all the original boxes and tags.
    Look forward to hearing from you.


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    jenne Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by jusdreamin View Post
    Do you still have the legends sculptures for sale?
    Yes I do you can call me if that's easier 770-535-5213 I need to sell ASAP!!

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    thehaugs1957 Guest

    Arrow FOR SALE-Pardell's "No More Forever"-beautiful

    I have a beautiful bronze sculpture done by Chris Pardell called "NO MORE FOREVER." It is new and has been kept in its original box. I have the original Legends Certificate of Ownership, the glossy photo documentation, etc. I'd like to sell it now-perhaps as a Christmas gift. Please contact me by e-mail at thehaugs1957@gmail.com or by phone at 1-605-745-7915.

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    Nov 2011


    Is Unconquered Spirit by Barry Austin still available and how much are you asking for it?

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