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Thread: Please keep them retired Mill Creek

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    Melvin-D Guest

    Default Please keep them retired Mill Creek

    Hi, all -

    I just have to chime in on the older retired Mill Creek Studios being made in smaller version. I, personally, would not like to see this happen. I bought my sculptures and and am improving my collection not only because I like them, but as an investment and feel that reproducing a smaller piece that has been retired in a larger version would lessen the future value of my collection. Plus, in my opinion, once a sculpture is retired, it should stay retired. What do you guys think?

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    rushman Guest

    Default I Agree!!

    After A Very Long Search..i Finally Found Joe Slockboer's 'refuge And Strengtht'. I Paid A Lot Lot Of Money For It Plus A Lot To Ship It To Me In Hawaii. I Was Told That There Was Going To Be A Smaller Version Of This Statue Next Year..what A Bummer. The Original Is Awesome To Look At And I Think The Smaller Version Will Ruin The Original..thats My Opinion..aloha, Jay

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    dfarwig Guest

    Default Smaller Pieces....?

    Hi Guys,
    I have to agree with you guys about making smaller versions of larger, retired pieces.
    I have half a dozen large pieces that are all now retired and would hate to see these made into smaller versions because, like you, I think that it would de-value the items that we already have.
    Retired means just that-----Retired....!
    I know that all of my pieces have at least doubled in value which is a good thing.
    Just my thoughts.....

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    cricket Guest

    Default Mill Creek should inform collectors

    It's just my opinion, but Mill Creek needs to improve their standards as it relates to sculptures being RETIRED. They say an item is retired only to release more in the form of Artist Proofs, or a smaller version(s), or a different paint finish of the same image. It seems like a way to extend sales on pieces that were good sellers or a deficiency of creative new ideas. Maybe they should explain that they may release retired items at a later date in the above mentioned ways, so that collectors may be informed of their practice and have a choice. It would be reasonable to assume that duplicate releases (in the above mentioned forms) of "retired" items may devalue that particular item, which (my opinion) devalues the entire line. The more pieces produced means that it is easier to find on the after market. This ultimately means a smaller value. I think one should focus on loving the art and not the investment aspect of it.

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    Dec 2011

    Thumbs up Mill creek retirements

    Could not agree more I feel any item that has been retired absolutly should stay that way. Hopefully, you folks will contact MILL CREEK to let them know how you feel, I certainly will, maybe if collector's put a little pressure on them they will listen.

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