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Angel/Cherub Sculptures - Angel/Cherub Garden Statues

Angels are welcome spiritual messengers, providing protection, solace, and guidance from above. Here, these heavenly beings are reproduced in sculpture form, providing comforting reminders of faith and spirituality. At AllSculptures.com you will find a wondrous selection of angel statues and cherub statues for the garden, in weather resistant materials such as beautiful bronze and durable faux stone. For indoors, we offer exceptional cherub and angel sculptures by today’s award winning artists, as well as reproductions of classic pieces from centuries past. Our lovely angels and cherubs are perfect for gift giving as tokens of love and support for dear friends.
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Devotion Angel Prayer Pedestal

Price: $288.00
Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa Sculpture

Price: $74.50
Fall Angel on Scroll

Price: $497.00
Fallen Angel Standing on Plinth Statue-Large

Price: $499.00
Fallen Angel-Male Nude Statue

Price: $84.00
Fegana Angel 18 Inch

Price: $135.00
Fegana Angel 32 Inch

Price: $399.00
Female Dark Angel Lying On Grave

Price: $89.00
Female Gothic Angel Sitting On A Throne Statue

Price: $89.00
Flaming Dark Angel With Scythe Statue

Price: $89.00
Forever In My Heart

Price: $79.00
Franciscan Cherubs Statue

Price: $179.00
Garden Angel Bird Feeder

Price: $89.00
Garden Angel Bird Feeder 27 Inch

List Price: $195.00
Price: $143.00
Garden Angel Statue

Price: $115.00
Gothic Angel on Grave I Statue

Price: $74.00
Gothic Angel on Grave II Statue

Price: $85.00
Gothic Angel On Grave Statue

Price: $74.50
Gothic Angel Sitting Statue

Price: $62.00
Gothic Angel Statue

Price: $69.00
Gothic Angel Weeping Figurine

Price: $49.00
Gothic Angel With Rose Petals

Price: $64.00
Gothic Angel with Rose Petals Statue

Price: $64.00
Guardian Angel

Price: $105.00
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